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I travel to libraries all over Michigan and participate in the summer theme each year for the Michigan Reading Program across the state. The theme for 2019 is "A Universe of Stories" and that suits me just dandy! The way we celebrate literacy through music is out of this world! We use interactive programs to engage kids in songs that tell a story as well as telling stories that utilize music.  We love books and songs.... to the moon and back!

I would be very excited to come to your school, center, individual classroom to perform a one-of-a-kind program right on site. I have a number of themes that I work with, including  making friends, music and movement, and reading, but I am happy to work with your curriculum as well. With  30 years of classroom experience, your staff can relax and know that their kids are in the hands of an experienced educator who will educate, entertain, and engage their students for the duration of her visit.  Win/win! Everyone has a great time learning! 

I aim to add texture and enjoyment to your event... family style!  I can bring along my own sound, or  I can work with whatever system you have in place.  With a bag full of musical instruments and props, I love to get the audience involved and the results are whimsical, fun and  sometimes even unpredictably outrageous !

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