This year's library program will  encourage all audience members to get involved with the act and rock through the entire program .  

Songs To Read and Books to Sing!

 Tricia will bring a small collection of books in her traveling case and the kids will get a chance to choose which tales will be the tunes that will be the foundation for this interactive show.  Most of these songs are on Tricia's recordings... check them out on the website!  We are so very excited about this year's library theme! Librarians have long known that music and literacy work together for the greatest learning! Tricia's classroom experience and contagious enthusiasm adds up fun,learning, and entertainment for your library patrons!  It's going to be a great summer!

I am listed in the Michigan Arts and Humanities Touring Directory under "Theatre for Young Audiences." michigan arts and humanities touring guide  This is a great place to look for scholarship information.