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I travel to libraries all over Michigan and participate in the summer theme each year for the Michigan Reading Program across the state. The theme for 2018 is "Libraries Rock" and that suits me just dandy! We will celebrate childhood literacy through music with Tunes and Tales in a big way! We use interactive programs to engage kids in songs that tell a story as well as telling stories that utilize music.  Libraries rock indeed!

I would be very excited to come to your school, center, or pre-k class to perform a one-of-a-kind program right on site. With a lifetime of sing a longs and stories to tell and 30 years of classroom experience, your staff can relax and know that their kids are in the hands of an experienced educator who will educate, entertain, and engage their students for the duration of her visit.  Win/win! Everyone has a great time learning!

I aim to add texture and enjoyment to your event... family style!  I can bring along my own sound, or  I can work with whatever system you have in place.  With a bag full of musical instruments and props, I love to get the audience involved and the results are whimsical, fun and  sometimes even unpredictably outrageous !

Workshops and Conferences

I have been a presenter for early childhood conferences around Michigan and have also traveled to Dallas, Texas and Kearney, Nebraska to spread the message of music, literacy and storytelling as a vehicle for learning and brain development in the early years.   My sessions aim to hit the  target to keep my audiences involved and engaged, in the same way my family concerts keep my participants involved and engaged  from beginning to end.  I have also been  asked to deliver the keynote message in order to describe the music/literacy connections in early development. Click below for access to my latest workshop handout.

song lyrics tnt workshop

books to sing and songs to read

ukulele songbook

On-Site Inservice

Since I have a degree in child development, I am  well aware of the requirements that preschool educators must keep up with to maintain certification on a yearly basis. I would be thrilled to come right to your site and provide in-service for an entire staff for 1 1/2 to 3 hours on music, puppetry,  literacy or the music/literacy connection (or in any combination) to assist your staff in maintaining the stamp of approval from the state of Michigan.

"If there was a contest of the best.... you would win."..... Alexander Ludlow, Age 8       517 285 1231

"Foundations ECE was introduced to Tricia and Tunes and Tales by one of our parents. We are always looking for fun things to bring in to the classrooms that keep the children interested and are also within our budget. Often as the owner of a preschool, many of the performers and "shows" don't hold the attention of all the children and it can turn into a mess. However, after speaking with Tricia, we wanted to give Tunes and Tales a try. WE WERE ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY.! We had children from 1 to 5 years watch the same show. We were prepared to take the children to do something else if they weren't interested. Hwever, ALL of the children loved it! They were absolutely awe-struck and 100% entertained the entire time. Most of all Tricia and her team were a joy to work with and so kind! We can't wait to have Tunes and Tales back for another show!"

Krissy Thomas- Owner/Director Foundations ECE, Denver, CO


Tricia is listed in the Michigan Arts and Humanites Touring Directory, along with 175 of the state's top performers in music, theatre and dance. Grants are available to help pay for her visit to your site if you meet qualifications.  Please click on  She is listed under Theatre for young audiences.